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Personal Loan 01

What is Personal Loan? For Salaried individuals- Personal loan is an unsecured loan as it requires no collateral and can be availed by salaried individuals to meet their personal requirements like education, travel, shopping, medical treatment etc. PERSONAL LOAN RATE OF INTEREST CHART

Industrial Loan 01

About industrial loan Commercial loans include loans for industrial and commercial purpose for offices, clinics, proprietorships, business enterprises, corporations etc. The loans can be used for purchase of new office, extension, construction or renovation of existing premises, or balance transfer of your existing loan. Home shed specialises in industrial or commercial loans by helping you with […]

LIC Housing Finance 01

Buying a Home is the costliest purchase in one’s life and it is equally important to choose a Home Loan partner who will look beyond loan transactions. Typically Home loans being 20-30 years tenure, the terms should be easy to understand and process simplified with utmost transparency. It’s that sense of security one feels when taking […]

Home Loan 01

Having a home is still a dream for most of the people. Don’t postpone your this beautiful decision. Home Shed makes all attempts by bringing hassle free offers across banks and NBFC’s. Home Shed makes the process simpler and faster with various options ranging from loan to purchase anew ready to move in house or […]

Loan Against Property 01

Loan Against Property is a secured loan in which property (residential/commercial/industrial) is being used as a collateral to raise funds from a financial institution. Loan against property may be used for child education, business expansion, construction, renovation, buying another property etc. Benefits Lower rate of interest Longer repayment tenure LOAN AGAINST PROPERTY INTEREST CHART

Business Loan 01

Unsecured Business Loans An unsecured business loan is availed without any collateral or security by a business enterprise to meet their short term or loan term financial requirements   BUSINESS LOAN RATE OF INTEREST CHART

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